End of Point Learning Proposal 

Key Issue Identified

As the Academy has grown, I have become quite concerned as we are creating a pool of beauticians and hairdressers with no further progression upon completion of their courses. This would mean that those learners would once agin return back to the benefit system. Although the government put in place the kick-start theme for up to 24 year olds, our learners fall outside of the scheme. Therefore, I decided to put together a project with the aim to get them into the workforce. 

End of point Learning Programme Proposal

Once the learners complete their NVQ3, we aim to offer them an opportunity to rent floor space with us enabling them to work in the capacity of freelance contractor for up to 12 months. They will have the opportunity to work in a commercial environment, alongside the professionals. The learners will be encouraged to grow and learn to become part of a team, with the focus on building a client-base so that they may become self-sustained and form their own entities based on their specialities within the industry. This scheme will be fully controlled by a business hub, they will be responsible for social media, building targets, continual professional development (CPD) and business support/ethics and career advice. This programme will allow them to build their own clientele. 

Key Target Learners 

We believe strongly in inclusion, we have a range of learners of which English is not their first language and as a result are excluded from mainstream careers, yet these are learners that have outstanding technical skills. Throughout their study and work programme with us, we aim to embed English around the industry. 


To enable for this programme to become viable, we need with the support of the government, and believe that this plan could work in all boroughs. 

Benefit of Learners of this programme include: 

  • Further development 
  • Being monitored by a Business Hub
  • Opportunity to work alongside the professionals 
  • Opportunity to specialise in their preferred field
  • Issuance of a reference of their achievements for employability 

Key aims this performance include:

  • Provide learners with opportunity to return directly to the workforce upon completion of the programme 

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