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Public funding is only available to Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hair and Beauty Courses, if the leaner has been a resident in the UK for a minimum of three years, and works less than 16 hours per week. Learners who wish to enrol onto Level 3 NVQ Hair and Beauty Courses may apply for student loan. Applicants must be 16 and over to apply and enrol.
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This contract is between Salon Hijab Academy and the student making the application, which applies from when you submit your admission.

ENROLLMENT: When you enrol at the academy, you become subject to the terms of the Student Agreement. If you fail to complete your course and have attended more than 1 lesson, you will be liable to pay course fees in accordance with this contract.

WITHDRAWING: If your circumstances change and they affect your ability to complete your course and/or an assessment, you can submit a claim for exceptional circumstances. These are circumstances beyond your control which you could not reasonably have foreseen and acted upon and either (i) will prevent you from completing the course or (ii) will have a significant negative effect on your performance during the course. If we accept your claim, this may lead to adjustments in your course and may include a transfer to the next cohort.

Should you withdraw from the course, or stop attending classes, you will be held liable for the fees incurred. The total cost of the course (excluding registration fee) is £2200.00. The number of days you have attended will have to be repaid within the first month of your withdrawal. If you are facing financial difficulties, the academy can help you organise an instalment plan for the repayment.

ATTENDANCE: You are expected to attend ALL classes during your enrolment with us. If, you have an appointment or a change in circumstance, you must provide the academy with evidence in support of your absence. Absences not accounted for will go down as an ‘unauthorised absence’. If you get more than 4 unauthorised absences, your enrolment with the academy will be reconsidered and you may be withdrawn from the course, at which point you will be held liable for all course fees incurred as outlined in 3.WITHDRAWING above.

YOUR PROGRAMME OF STUDY: The Academy will provide you with education services (including teaching, learning, work experience, enrichment days and, where applicable, external work opportunities) and related activities which the Academy considers appropriate for your course. Details such as timetable and location will be provided to you on or after your enrolment as an academy student.

WORK EXPERIENCE: It is mandatory for you to complete a minimum of 16 hours’ work experience at Salon Hijab, 449 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore before the end of your 20 week course. You will be given a work experience tracker and register that you must complete. You can book your slot by contacting the salon directly. Failure to complete the minimum hours may lead to a delay in receiving your certificate.

ONLINE VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (MOODLE): Your assessor will use an online virtual learning environment called Moodle to share resources, assignments, and policies. The academy will also use Moodle to make any announcements and/or any changes to your course. Please ensure that you provide the academy with an email address you have regular access to.

COMMUNICATION: Once you have enrolled, the academy and your assessor may contact you by email using the email address you have provided. You should therefore check your mail on a regular (at least daily) basis. You are able to contact your assessor 24/7 via email at reasonable times. Please allow for 48 hours for a response.

STUDENT VOICE: You will have an opportunity to share your views on academic matters with your class representative. The class representative will be chosen by yourself and your peers, and will represent the student’s voice to ensure that the academy continually listens to and engages with students to improve teaching, learning, assessment, and academic services.

ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR STUDIES: You should engage with all learning activities which form part of your course, subject to absence only for medical reasons or other personal reasons agreed in advance with your course or assessor. You should also be aware that our courses and modules require a specific level of attendance which will be clearly stated in your log books.
Where your record of engagement is considered unsatisfactory, you will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss the issues. In the event that you do not attend this meeting, you will receive a further letter inviting you to a re-arranged meeting. If you do not attend this meeting, then you will be considered to have withdrawn from the course and the academy will follow the procedure outlined in 3.WITHDRAWING of this document.

SUBMISSIONS: You must meet all deadlines. Any missed assignments will be deferred to the end of the course and may lead to a delay in receiving your certificate.

PLAGIARISM: We reserve the right to withdraw our services from any student suspected of copying another student’s work for the assessed assignment. Your enrolment with us will be reconsidered and/or may be terminated, at which point you will be held liable all course fees incurred as outlined in 3.WITHDRAWNG above.

EXAMS: Cheating of any form and/or the use of mobile phones during exams will not be tolerated. Cheating will result in suspension or given disciplinary action.

UNIFORM: The uniform you will be given must be worn at all times when you are in the Academy. You are responsible for ensuring it is kept in a pristine condition.

HEALTH & SAFETY: The academy will, so far as is reasonably practicable, take all steps necessary to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all members of the academy, including staff, students, and visitors, and will conduct its affairs in such a way as to protect everyone who may be affected by its activities. Please read the academy’s Health & Safety Policy, accessible through Moodle.

BEHAVOUR IN THE ACADEMY: We ask that you speak courteously to our staff and do not make excessive or unreasonable demands. If, after a warning, you continue to be discourteous towards any staff and/or make further unreasonable or excessive demands, we may at our discretion either suspend or withdraw your course without a refund. You will also be held liable for course fees as outlined in 3.WITHDRAWING above.

DATA PROTECTION: Salon Hijab Academy is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner, and collects and processes information about students for various teaching, research, and administrative purposes. By submitting this application, you agree that Salon Hijab Academy can share your personal information with our Partner College; Stanmore College and Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT). All such activity is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and from 25 May 2018 by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and students are entitled to have access to the records held about them to ensure accuracy and fairness.