First you enter into a warm steam room to let your pores open, followed by a coating of olive oil soap. Then the therapist will rub off the dead layers of the skin with a glove that feels like it is made of super rough sand paper. You’re then covered in a full body clay mask, which is washed off with cool water to close your pores. The ritual ends with a soothing massage.

All Hammam treatments have tremendous curative benefits which include

  • Increase physical and emotional detox, nourishing skin with vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhanced deep relaxation and rejuvenation while reducing stress and  anxiety.

Basic Hammam including rhassoul                                   (45 mins)   £45
Luxury Hammam including rhassoul & body mask    (1 hour)     £55
Delux Hammam including rhassoul, body mask, mini facial & hair treatment (1hr 15 mins)  £65